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SAVE THE DATE! BHC’s 2024 Fall Road Ramble will take place on October 19th! 

940 Centre Ave, Reading, PA 19601 | (610) 375-4375 
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 9am – 3pm

940 Centre Ave, Reading, PA 19601
(610) 375-4375 
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 9am – 3pm

Museum Revitalization Project

Help us reimagine our Berks History

The Berks History Center is facing a crucial moment in its history. Our historical collections are under threat and our museum exhibits are in dire need of updating. That’s why our team is embarking on a significant project to enhance the museum’s offerings. We are focusing on structural needs, reconfiguring the museum layout, and developing exhibits that showcase the region’s changing environment, industries, and demographics more accurately.

Our goal is to include more contemporary stories that reflect the rich history of Berks County.

Will you help us?


Rehabilitate the museum building to protect our historical collections and improve visitor services
Enhance accessibility by upgrading amenities such as entrances, walkways, wayfinding, and restrooms to significantly improve the overall visitor experience
Create new exhibits that are inclusive, diverse, and representative, appealing to the multifaceted communities of Berks County.
Make our storage areas more efficient, increase our capacity to collect and preserve Berks County treasures for future generations, and provide greater care for our artifacts.

Be a part of the change

By supporting the Berks History Center, you will be a link in a chain that stretches back over 150 years of Berks Countians who preserved our history and kept it accessible.

There will be a place where community members can learn about a vast number of historical subjects, embark on a journey of self-discovery, develop a sense of place in time by delving into their family’s past, and connect with historical events.

With your support, the Berks History Center can develop into a 21st Century museum and research library. You will help build engaging exhibits that include multi-sensory experiences and create an environment for students and multigenerational families to interact with displays featuring tangible objects and digital learning activities to deliver stories about our community’s past.

Please consider a contribution to the Berks History Center, a charitable investment in our community’s past, present, and future: its children, adults, and families. 

View Updated Floor Plans

To make this project a reality, the Berks History Center has teamed up with several Berks County firms. Our partners include Burkey Construction, Muhlenberg Greene Architects, Entech Engineering, and NeoPangea. We are excited to share with you our tentative proposed plans below – click the image to view full-screen: